Miyerkules, Abril 27, 2016

Sewer Repair Help I Was Able To Get

There was a problem in my basement because a sewer repair Austin job I got done wasn't done properly. This lead to sewage being all over the basement, and it was risky because it leads to health problems if people are around it or too long. That's why I wanted to get it fixed by a pro, because even though I could have cleaned it up a little there's no telling what could have been left behind in the way of bacteria and it could have ended up making my basement have a mold problem.

I had a company come out and repair the sewer line that was backed up and they had to dig my yard up. I had that done after I had a little bit of the area cleaned up, because I couldn't take the time to get all of it taken care of since it could have leaked again if I didn't hurry and have the backup dislodged. It didn't take too long for all of this to happen. However, I had to go and live in a motel room for a while just so I didn't put myself or my family at risk.

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